Greenlight Innovation Develops Refueler for Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicles.
Burnaby, BC: Greenlight Innovation Corp. (Greenlight), the industry leader in testing and manufacturing equipment for hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and energy storage devices, has announced the creation of a new division that will focus on hydrogen infrastructure products. The team has developed a 700 and 350-bar dispenser for fueling fuel cell-powered light and heavy-duty vehicles. This new division will provide complete compression, storage and dispensing (CSD) solutions, tailored to specific customer requirements.
“Providing hydrogen infrastructure is a natural extension of our organization’s intrinsic capabilities,” said Ross Bailey, CEO of Greenlight. This product diversification initiative is in line with Greenlight’s 25 years of experience in the fuel cell and hydrogen industry, and is well within our core competencies of process system integration and engineered products.”
Creating hydrogen infrastructure solutions is a strategic priority for Greenlight, who provide fuel cell testing and manufacturing equipment to many of the world’s automotive OEMs.
Greenlight’s bespoke CSD systems are engineered to specific customer and site requirements. The company is taking an agnostic approach with regard to the source of hydrogen a customer may offer. "We can work with bulk delivered gaseous and liquid hydrogen, on-site electrolysers, and reformer-generated hydrogen," said Bailey. “We are forging a number of industry and government partnerships to further the global deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles. We’re committed to continue our support for the commercialization of the fuel cell industry.”
Greenlight will be unveiling their new 700 and 350 bar dispenser on April 25th in Germany, at the annual Hannover Messe - H2+Fuel Cell Group Exhibit.

For further information on Greenlight’s hydrogen infrastructure products, please contact:

Greig Walsh 
Director, Sales and Marketing 
T: +1 (604) 676-4038


Daniel Donatelli(3 years ago)
Dear Greig Walsh

Currently we have some Production and storage Projects

SAE 2601 and requires Dispenser units we have 99.99995% gas ans 700 bar

I would like to learn more about you 35 mpa and 70 mpa dispensers

To spec to our projects as standard recommended equipment

Daniel Donatellli
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