Electric Vehicle Engine Test System
Dynamometer assemblies for EV engine development
  • Greenlight offers turnkey dynamometer assemblies for electric vehicle engine development. The EV motor test rig can be used for performance and durability test applications, and includes 24/7 automated operation for unattended drive cycle testing.

Testing parameters include:

  • Efficiency of EV motor and inverter
  • Torque and speed
  • Cooling capacity
  • Durability and overload
  • Vehicle driving efficiency

Available Models (other configurations available):

  1. 100kW / 280Nm
  2. 120kW / 400Nm
  3. 160kW / 380Nm
  4. 190kW / 400Nm
  5. 216kW / 480Nm

Greenlight's high speed EV motor test system features:

  • Dual AC motors (drive motor and load motor) with power analyzer
  • Rated power up to 216kW with rated torque up to 480Nm
  • Max speed up to 13,000 rpm (high speed AC dynamometer)
  • Regenerative inverter and battery simulator
  • Rigid test bed system with high speed spindle assembly and torque transducer
  • High speed data acquisition and fully automated control system
  • Cooling system for test motor and inverter
  • Power analyzer and current probes

Programmable graphical user interface including:

  • Editable function generator
  • Interface with various hardware components,
  • Test sequence generator,
  • Simple test setup and operation,
  • Data viewing, analysis, processing and reporting functions
  • CAN interface 

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