PCB Design Engineer / Technologist
We are hiring a full-time Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Engineer / Technologist to design and develop PCB layouts, component placements and wire routings for our industrial equipment.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Design boards to precise specifications
  • Validate feasibility under various conditions using circuit simulations
  • Prepare design documentations, specifications, PCB models and component BOMs
  • Prepare test specifications and test procedures and develop test fixtures
  • Perform PCB design testing and analyze test results
  • Propose process improvements to ensure PCB functionality, quality and reliability
  • Other duties, as necessary

Your Profile and Qualifications

Candidates are required to have experience with the following:

  • At least 10 years of post-graduation PCB design experience, preferably including board designs for the power electronics industry
  • Designing high-current/heavy copper weight PCBs used in high frequency switching power electronics (100KHz+) at currents exceeding 100A(rms)
  • PCB design to minimize “noise” susceptibility
  • High density, miniaturized, SMT-based PCB design with fine-pitch components and double-sided component mounting.
  • Conductor routing to minimize PCB layer and/or via count when desirable.
  • Multi-layer designs, up to 10 layers
  • OrCAD capture and Mentor Graphics (PADS/DX Designer) would be an asset
  • An interest in playing a role in the success of a clean tech company

Who We Are:

Greenlight Innovation (greenlightinovation.com) is a privately owned leading global supplier of test and automation equipment to the fuel cell and battery industries, with the largest install base of fuel cell testing equipment in the world. Our customers are developing the next generation of energy storage systems for vehicles, commercial transport, and backup power systems. 

Our work environment will provide opportunities for significant responsibility and independence in a fast-paced industry, and our roots as a process-based, lean operation will provide experience in a structured, process driven environment.  

As a clean tech company we encourage cycling to work and the use of public transit whenever possible. Our facility is located near the Burnaby Lake trail system and can be reached by Skytrain and bike lanes.

To apply for this position, please send your resume with cover letter to:


While we sincerely appreciate every application, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.


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