Greenlight Innovation President and CEO Ross Bailey Elected to Board of Directors for CHFCA
Greenlight Innovation Corp. today announced the election of Ross Bailey, Greenlight’s President and CEO, to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

Burnaby, BC, Canada: Greenlight Innovation Corp. today announced the election of Ross Bailey, Greenlight’s President and CEO, to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

Greenlight Innovation is a global leader in the supply of fuel cell testing stations and battery test systems to the world’s top stack developers, research institutes and automotive companies. Greenlight is based in Canada and has sales and service in North America, Europe and Asia. Greenlight is a private company, independently owned and operated.

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is a national, non-profit association providing services and support to Canadian corporations, governments and educational institutions promoting, developing, demonstrating and deploying hydrogen and fuel cell products and services in Canada. As the sector’s collective voice, the CHFCA works to raise awareness of the economic, environmental and social benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells. CHFCA members represent hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, components, systems supply and integration, fuelling systems, fuel storage, and engineering and financial services.

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M. Usman Siddiqui(1 year ago)
Dear Sales Director

We are Pakistan’s one of leading Laboratory Equipment Disruption company. We represent world’s prominent and recognised manufacturers i.e. Lucas Nuelle Germany, CONTROLS Group Italy, CPN Instrotek USA, Instantel Canada.

We have visited your website and found your product range quite interesting. We would be happy if you can help us learning more about your company and products.

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Item No. Item Item and technical Specifications Qty

1 H2 Detector Microprocessor based gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors, with catalytic sensor. Non-intrusive calibration and maintenance is to be performed using a magnetic wand to access the software through the enclosure window

No need to open the enclosure and obtain special work permits to be performed during routine calibrations

Inclusive of magnet wand, combine A/V amber lens, other consumables needed for the functioning of detector and minimum one year contract for the maintenance/conditioning monitoring of detector.

Range: 0 – 100% LEL 01
2 PEM Fuel Cell Hardware PEM Fuel Cell Hardware to test 5 cm x 5 cm or 5cm2 MEA and compatible with FCATS G20 test station (Green Lights Innovation)
a. Through-Bolt assembly design require low lightning force and create uniformed force distribution
b. Implement pinch adjustment mechanism capable of applying torque equally to the bolts and contain flat gaskets with high precision thickness
c. Machined fuel cell grade graphite plate which is as non-permeable / excellent chemical resistance and high electrical/thermal conductivity and mechanical strength (Serpentine channel is preferable)
d. Adaptable to varied flow field plate design having current collector plate, gold plated plate (preferable) for corrosion resistance
e. Thermocouple insert hole to reach thermocouple at the center of fuel cell test hardware for precisely control and monitor the temperature, closest to the MEA
f. Voltage measurement plug required for exact measurement of cell voltage (using the highly electrically conductive graphite plate), eliminate voltage drop due to contact resistance
g. Built-in silicon based rubber heater to provide highest watt density, maintain uniform cell temperature
h. Nylon fitting/SS nut for gas tight connection to tubing
i. 01 MEA (hydrogen air equivalent) with the active area of 5cm x 5cm or 5cm2 01

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