Greenlight Delivers Six Newly Designed Versions of the Popular G60 Fuel Cell Test Station
Greenlight Innovation, a leading supplier of testing equipment to the alternative energy industry, has successfully delivered 6 of its newly re-designed G60 model fuel cell test stations. The new design of the popular G60 test stand includes a slightly larger frame to accommodate the increasing number of sophisticated diagnostic tools and options that are becoming commonplace in today’s fuel cell research facilities. This multi-unit delivery fulfills dual orders from customers with locations in both Asia and Europe.

Available options on the new design include electro-impedance spectroscopy, cyclic and linear sweep voltammetry, current interrupt and high accuracy cell voltage monitoring.  Other available options include high-temperature PEM operation, rapid response gas humidification, liquid thermal management for cell temperature control, high accuracy pressure control, reformate simulation and liquid fuel operation.  Since the G40/60 testing platform was developed in 2005, more than 100 units have been successfully delivered to customers around the globe.  This advanced design is an indication of Greenlight’s continued commitment to delivering state of the art testing equipment to the world’s fuel cell researchers.


For more information please contact one of Greenlight’s regional distributors or Greenlight’s head office in Vancouver Canada:



Prof. S K Nataraj(3 years ago)
I request you to provide Fuel Cell Testing station price Quotation.
We are in need of one, wish to get price quotation for available instruments with you.


D"r Sitbon Moshe(11 months ago)
I need a quote for Ariel university.
G60 Fuel Cell Test Station

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