Release of 2nd Generation Data Aquisition System
Greenlight Innovation, a leading supplier of test equipment to the fuel cell and battery industry, announces the latest addition to their product line: the 2nd Generation Data Acquisition System (DAQ2).

Greenlight has responded to specific requests for a compact, accurate, flexible, high voltage data acquisition system, as these combined attributes were not available from leading I/O suppliers.  The DAQ2 is the result of two years of product design and testing by Greenlight’s in-house development team.


The DAQ2 enables:

  • collection of precise process testing data, such as cell voltage, temperature, current, pressure, and flow
  • testing at exceptionally high common-mode voltage
  • increased accuracy compared to the first generation model

Specific features:

  • Each 2U 19” rack box system has space for four modules (custom form factors are available)
  • Each module contains 32 available slots for Analog Front End (AFE) channels equipped with 16-bit A/D converter
  • Modules can be configured in a daisy-chain (up to 32 Channels), differential mode (up to 16 Channels), or mixed configuration
  • Each slot supports numerous AFE types, including: ± 100mV, ± 5V, ± 10V, ± 75V, ± 150V, ± 300V, 0-20mA, Thermocouple (K, J, S, T types)
  • Max channel-to-channel common mode voltage isolation: 1,000VDC
  • Channel input impedance (Voltage AFE’s) : ≥1MΩ
  • Channel accuracy: ± 1mV with ± 5V  AFE type configuration
  • Each module can be connected in a star Ethernet network configuration for 1,000+ channels
  • Simultaneous data sampling on each board – not multiplexed
  • 1kHz burst sampling mode possible via external trigger input
  • Up to 100 Hz continuous data sampling
  • Communication interface: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (optional CANbus)
  • Thermal drift compensation on each channel maintains accuracy over wide temperature range

For more information please contact one of Greenlight’s regional distributors or Greenlight’s head office in Vancouver, Canada: 


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