Fuel Cell Expo Japan Brings the Latest Innovation in Testing
Fuel Cell Expo Japan is in its 8th year and promises to be the world's largest international exhibition and conference specializing in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies.

Imagine a venue where one of the world's largest industry event takes place converging over 300 exhibitors and 120,000 smart energy professionals to drive forward technologies, knowledge, talks, partnerships and decisions in Tokyo, Japan from February 29 - March 2, 2012.

Greenlight Innovation is proud to assemble our team and attend Fuel Cell Expo Japan as part of the Canadian Pavillion with our friends from the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

With testing as a critical component of Fuel Cell technology development and commercialization, Greenlight Innovation's presence at FC Expo 2012 and strategic headquarters on the North America Pacific Rim as a gateway to Asia, creates some of the best opportunities to deliver our industry leading fuel cell test stations to customers across the Eastern Hemisphere

In particular, Japan, with its substantial population, large industrial base and lack of natural resources, is looking to hydrogen and fuel cells to reduce its dependence on the expensive and environmentally damaging fossil-fuel energy systems it now uses. This year alone, demand from power suppliers, automobile companies, residential builders and electronics companies is expected to create fuel cell and hydrogen markets worth C$3.9 billion.

The outlook on fuel cells is as strong as it was a decade ago, and the race is continuing to find a carbon-free car engine, so never before has testing played such a key role in the future development of this 21st century industrial revolution.

With worldwide revenues from fuel cells and hydrogen reaching $785 Million this year, Greenlight Innovation is well positioned to continue leading its dominant position as the fuel cell test station provider of choice.

Please drop by the Canadian Pavillion and speak to us about the latest developments in fuel cell testing.


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