Greenlight Innovation Partners with AeroVironment
Greenlight Innovation's Emerald software is now available with AeroVironment's advanced vehicle and battery testing systems.

Greenlight Innovation today announced the official launch of Emerald™ software customized for use with AeroVironment battery cycling products.  Emerald™ is a control and automation software suite featuring tools for simplifying the testing process of lithium ion battery packs.

Emerald™ has been successfully paired with AeroVironment’s power cycling and test systems to enable operators to easily run dynamic, unattended tests with increased safety, efficiency and ease 24 hours a day.  Emerald’s™ simple automation language allows users to generate ‘plain-English’ language scripts and modify tests while they are underway. 

The Emerald Software Suite maximizes affordability by requiring only one software license to control both testing channels on the AeroVironment cyclers, and the software can be upgraded seamlessly to the full suite if desired.  Other features include email/SMS notifications for 24-hour testing status, user account/rights management to provide different user groups with distinct access levels and an optional feature allowing simultaneous control of multiple 3rd party testing equipment, such as environmental chambers or diagnostic modules.


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