Greenlight Innovation announces delivery of new 250kW Fuel Cell Test System
Burnaby, BC, Canada: Greenlight Innovation Corp. today announced the first shipment of a new 250kW-class fuel cell test station. The test station, model G900, is a new product specifically designed for high power applications in the transportation, stationary or marine sectors. The G900 is a flexible, scalable platform that can be configured for a broad range of operating capacities to suit specific customer requirements. The G900 is capable of operating on either hydrogen or reformate blends and is offered with a regenerative (back-to-grid) electronic load. The system is capable of measuring voltages on up to 800 cells, operating with currents up to 1000A.

Ross Bailey, President of Greenlight Innovation, is pleased with the addition to the G-Series line of test stations;

“This delivery is a great achievement in the middle of a banner year for Greenlight. The G900 design complements Greenlight’s existing portfolio of test products that now range from 5W to 250kW. We are seeing a number of our customers moving up the power range as fuel cells are entering more pre-commercial demonstration projects.”

Greenlight Innovation is an independently owned and operated company, and the world leader in the supply of fuel cell and battery testing equipment. Greenlight is the licensed service provider for all Hydrogenics testing equipment and can provide service, support, upgrades, and maintenance for all existing FCATS™ test stations.



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