Greenlight Successfully Delivers Electrolyser Test Stations to German Research Facility
Greenlight Innovation has successfully completed the delivery of three electrolyser test stations commissioned by the Forschungszentrum Jülich energy research center in Jülich Germany. The Greenlight test stations are critical tools for the development and durability testing of Jülich’s advanced electrolyser technology.

FZ Jülich is developing PEM electrolysis technology for hydrogen gas production.  The research facility required automated test rigs to prove their design concepts and selected Greenlight based on their experience, reputation and history of strong customer service.

“Greenlight Innovation is pleased to continue their relationship with the Forschungszentrum Jülich research center.  The selection of two E100 and one E500 electrolyser test stations by a premier German research facility is a testament to Greenlight’s continuing leadership in the area of electrolyser testing equipment,” said Ross Bailey, Greenlight President and CEO.

The Greenlight electrolyser test rigs are designed to continuously operate under dynamic conditions, completely unattended by an operator.  Greenlight’s advanced control software allows automated cycling of the test articles, simulating the conditions that would be experienced if the electrolyser were attached to a wind or solar farm. 

H2 electrolysis technologies are a critical piece of the hydrogen economy.  In the near term, electrolysers can be used to store energy in the form of h2, while addressing the intermittent nature of renewables such as wind and solar. During off peak times, when solar and wind farms are producing excess energy, the electricity can be put through an electrolyser to make hydrogen, which can either be directly injected into the natural gas grid, or stored for later use in a fuel cell.


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