Greenlight integrates KUKA robot for automated hydrogen fuel cell component manufacture

Vancouver, BC – March 19th, 2015 - Greenlight Innovation announces the successful delivery of an integrated robotic assembly system specific to fuel cell manufacturing.


The automated system was developed for a leading automotive manufacturer to support their advancement into hydrogen fuel cell mass production.  The custom Greenlight solution features a turntable with 3 stations; an operator load/unload station, a robotic applicator station, and an infra-red curing station.


The robotic station can be programmed to apply liquid material in a rapid and precise manner.  For this task, Greenlight selected a KUKA 6-axis Agilus robot with a 700mm reach, and integrated a Nordson piezoelectric metering head for precision dispensing. The robotic solution has proven to be vastly more efficient, accurate and cost effective than alternate material application methods.  The end result is a much more repeatable process, virtually eliminating component rejects.


In addition to fuel cell manufacturing, this automated solution can be configured for a wide variety of applications, such as electronics manufacturing, product assembly, etc.  The robotic arm can also be easily re-programmed to accommodate new parts as designs evolve.


Greenlight robotic applicator system details:

  • Complete dispensing system that includes, KUKA 6-axis Agilus robot and RC4 controller, smartPAD teach pendant, PLC and HMI, sealant pot and IR curing oven
  • Designed to accurately and quickly dispense sealants and lubricants, such as silicone, epoxy, and almost any type of liquid material
  • Features 700mm reach and a 6kg capacity (other specifications available)
  • Allows high working speeds up to 2 meters per second
  • Dispenses with precision; repeatable to ±0.030mm
  • Permits continuous dispensing capability for increased production rate
  • Features a rotating carrousel, designed to accommodate up to 8 nests - parts can be loaded unloaded manually or automatically, while dispensing, curing, inspection and other assembly steps are being performed

Greenlight’s Industrial Automation division specializes in robotics and custom automation machinery for industries including:  hydrogen fuel cell, battery, solar, chemical and automotive. Greenlight Innovation can offer complete automated solutions, customized to specific applications.

For further information contact:

Director of Sales and Marketing, Greenlight Innovation
T +1 604 676 4038   


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