Greenlight Innovation Announces New Cell Voltage Monitoring System
Burnaby, BC, Canada: Greenlight Innovation Corp. announces a new patent-pending solution for the monitoring of cell voltages in fuel cells and battery packs. The board-based device sets a new standard in accuracy and high speed data acquisition.

Specifications include a precedent-setting accuracy of +/-1mV (using 16 bit A/D resolution) over a channel input range of +/-5V, allowing for applications in fuel cells as well as lithium ion and other batteries. Common mode (stack) voltage input can be up to 1000V, and the system also offers industry leading temperature compensation to maintain accuracy specifications over a broad temperature range. The CVM unit is available as a stand-alone system, or fully integrated into Greenlight’s testing equipment.  It can also be configured for other standard I/O applications, such as thermocouple inputs.

Ross Bailey, President of Greenlight Innovation, has been leading his team’s focus on innovative solutions for the fuel cell and battery industries:

“Our new CVM system offers the highest commercially available accuracy over this input voltage range. The fact that we have developed this in-house is a reflection of our expertise and the product itself is a reflection of Greenlight’s mission; to provide our customers with the best commercially available tools required to successfully commercialize alternative energy products.”



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CVM Researcher(6 years ago)
This post is a little misleading, as the CVM system described was not developed in-house, but by a contract design house according to the listed website

CVM Researcher(6 years ago)

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