Greenlight Innovation Receives Federal Government Grant
Greenlight Innovation, a leading global supplier of testing and diagnostic equipment to the fuel cell and battery industries, announced today that it has received a CDN$103,000 Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) grant from Canada’s National Research Council (NRC-CNRC) for fuel cell and battery diagnostic instrumentation.

Greenlight has been designing and manufacturing fuel cell testing equipment since 1992 and now has a total worldwide install base in excess of 500 machines.  Greenlight is continuing to develop industry-leading test and diagnostic equipment to add to their extensive product portfolio.  The new instrumentation that will be developed under the IRAP funding will complement Greenlight’s existing product lines and address growing needs in the fuel cell and EV / HEV battery test markets.


“The IRAP program has been instrumental in creating an environment for innovation in Canada” said Greenlight’s President, Ross Bailey. “By leveraging this funding source, not only do we make our product development initiatives more economically viable, but we are able to reduce our time to market”.


The new instrumentation will integrate seamlessly with Greenlight’s new and existing test equipment, and will be controlled by Greenlight’s proprietary automation software, which is capable of operating 24/7, under fully dynamic operating conditions. 


Greenlight’s business philosophy isto continue to be the supplier of choice to the world’s fuel cell and battery developers, integrators and laboratories by providing customers with the accurate and reliable tools they need.  With regional sales and service support across Asia, Europe and North America, Greenlight is a truly global supplier.


Greenlight Innovation is independently owned and operated and located in Burnaby, Canada.


For more information, please visit

or contact Greig Walsh

Director of Sales and Marketing

Phone: +1-604-676-4038



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