Greenlight Participates in European Project ‘SOSLeM’ to Reduce SOFC Manufacturing Costs
Through support provided by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCHJU), Greenlight Innovation GmbH is participating in a 3-year SOFC manufacturing development project. Industry partners include SOFC leaders Solid Power and HT Ceramix, as well as AVL List; global leaders in development and testing tools and software.

The SOSLeM project aims at reducing manufacturing costs for fuel cell stacks while at the same time making production more efficient and realising environmental benefits. Specifically, the project will:

  • Develop new and optimised processes for the production of the fuel cell cassettes by lean manufacturing processes; improved sealing adhesion on cassettes, using anode contact layer laser welding and automation of the welding process.
  • Improve stack preparation by advanced glass curing and stack conditioning.
  • Enable environmental benefits by on-site nickel removal from waste water.
  • Reduce production time and costs and improve flexibility by large furnace utilization, through the introduction of a multi-stack production station.

The aim of the SOSLeM project is that these improvements will sum up to a reduction of manufacturing costs of approximately 70%, leading to decreased capital costs of about 2,500 €/kW.  Greenlight’s role in the project is to develop the required fuel cell conditioning test systems that will be required in high volume SOFC manufacturing. 


Project Website:

For further information on this story and Greenlight’s SOFC testing products, please contact:

Greig Walsh 
Director, Sales and Marketing 
T: +1 (604) 676-4038


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