Materials Characterization
Materials Compression, Resistivity and Permeability Tester
  • Used to measure thickness, through-plane resistivity, and in-plane permeability of materials such as membranes, carbon fiber substrate, gas diffusion layers (GDL) or entire electrode assemblies (MEAs) while under automatically variable compression force. Intuitive user interface and X-Cue automation language allows for the creation of dynamic and complex testing profiles, completely unattended.
Allows researchers to replicate the conditions that materials will experience while under compression in a fuel cell, flow battery, or electrolyser stack.

Equipment Rating:

  • Force: 0.1 – 11 kN ±0.5%FS; sample compression platen size: 35mm diameter; resultant pressure: 0.1 – 11 MPa

  • Thickness measurement: 0 – 5 mm ±1 micron

  • Resistance measurement: 10 µOhms to 100 Ohms; accuracy: ±0.1%

  • Permeability measurement: 0.5 – 50 Darcy [0.49 – 49.3 µm2]; Accuracy ±1%; Resolution 0.05 Darcy [0.049 µm2]

  • Maximum stroke of press: 125mm

  • Maximum size of sample: 200mm x 400mm

  • Test gas pressure: 0.5 – 100kPag ±0.125%


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