Up to 12kW: G500
PEM Stack Test Station
  • The G500 PEM test station is specially designed to meet the needs of customers testing stacks. It is our flagship FCATS™ design, with a history of stable and accurate performance.
    The G500 is a complete fuel cell testing solution which includes precise gas flow control using mass flow controllers, accurate gas humidification, stack coolant, proprietary pressure control using our patented process, expandable cell voltage monitoring capability and a water-cooled load bank.
Features and Options
  • Available with Greenlight's integrated 'Intelligent Fuel Cell Diagnostics' capabilities:FCDXTM
  • Approximate power range: 2-12kW (available to 30kW)
  • Available with Greenlight's optional Rapid Response™ humidification system
  • Industry leading safety features
  • Emerald control and automation software
  • Data monitoring of cell voltage and all process parameters
  • Easily expandable for additional I/O and diagnostic tools
  • Fully automated for unattended operation
  • Optional configuration for high temperature PEM research
  • Available CE certificate of conformity

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