Up to 300kW: G900
High Power PEM Fuel Cell Test Station
  • The G900 fuel cell test station is specifically designed for high power applications in the transportation, stationary or marine sectors, with a capacity up to 250kW+.
    The G900 is a flexible, scalable platform that can be configured for a broad range of operating capacities to suit specific customer requirements. The G900 is capable of operating on either hydrogen or reformate blends and is offered with a regenerative (back-to-grid) electronic load. The system is capable of measuring voltages on up to 800 cells, operating with currents up to 1000A. Options include an environmental chamber and liquid cooling module, as well as numerous control software and data handling options.
Features and Options
  • Approximate power range: 75-300kW
  • Available with Greenlight's integrated 'Intelligent Fuel Cell Diagnostics' capabilities:FCDXTM
  • 800+ channel high-accuracy cell voltage monitoring
  • Available with Greenlight's optional Rapid Response™ humidification system
  • Emerald control software
  • Intuitive automation language allowing 24/7 dynamic operation
  • Data logging and monitoring of cell voltage and all process parameters
  • Regenerative (back-to-grid) load; 1000V+, 1000A+
  • Available CE certificate of conformity

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