Up to 100W (at 80A) - G20
PEM Single Cell Testing
  • The G20 is an economical complement to our PEM test product line with expanded capability in low power fuel cell characterization.
    The G20 has been designed for small active area, single cell R&D testing, with all the capability and sophistication of our larger test stations. The G20 comes equipped with the Emerald control software and automation language for dynamic 24-hour operation. No computer programming knowledge is required to operate Emerald. The G20 can also be optionally configured with a furnace for SOFC research. Additional options include SOFC fixtures for planar or button cell testing.
Features and Options
  • Available with Greenlight's integrated 'Intelligent Fuel Cell Diagnostics' capabilities:FCDXTM
  • G20 power range: up to 100 Watts
  • Manual and automated operation
  • Emerald control software
  • Automated scripting capability
  • Safety systems for unattended operation
  • Computer and monitor included
  • Bench-top design
  • Cost effective
  • Optional configuration for high temperature PEM research
  • Optional SOFC configuration
  • Optional fuel cell hardware available
  • Optional diagnostics, including AC impedance and cyclic / linear sweep voltammetry
  • Available CE certificate of conformity

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