DC Electronic Load Banks

High Accuracy, Programmable Loads up to 500A / 2500W

The DC loads are offered as stand-alone (requiring external control), or as part of an integrated, turn-key testing solution.  They can be optionally paired with power supplies, Greenlight data acquisition, diagnostic modules (such as impedance devices) and Greenlight’s control software, to form a flexible, customized testing platform.

Specification table:

**NOTE: Compliance voltages listed are specified at the connection terminals; values will be affected by load cable characteristics.

Features and Options

  • Air-cooled, resistive power dissipation levels from 350W to 2.5kW, in 3 configurations
  • Currents up to 500A (at voltages as low as 0.3V), with dynamic response characteristics
  • Communication via USB
  • User interface available through Greenlight’s Emerald™ control software
  • Available in standard 19” rack mount configuration

For ordering, please specify designation and size.

Please send any inquiries to our sales team: sales@greenlightinnovation.com