Fuel Cell Assembly Press

● Manual Fuel Cell Assembly Press

Manual Assembly Press for Fuel Cells


  • Force provided by hydraulic cylinder and 10,000psi 2-speed hand pump
  • Press tilt to back: vertical to horizontal
  • Stack twist within press: ±90 degrees
  • Opening within press: 0 to 1000mm
  • Tension rods on sides allow upper platen to be adjusted up or down in 60mm increments
  • Overall Dimension (WxDxH): 28.4” (720mm); 39.5” (1004mm); 63” (1600mm)
  • Weight: approx. 240 lbs (110kg)

Equipment Rating:

  • Force: 10,000 lbs (44kN)
  • Stroke: 12” (304mm)
  • Other ratings available

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