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Applicator robot with dial table and curing oven

Greenlight Robotic Applicator System Details

  • Complete dispensing system that includes, Kuka 6-axis Agilus robot and RC4 controller, smartPAD teach pendant, PLC and HMI, sealant pot and IR curing oven
  • Designed to accurately and quickly dispense sealants and lubricants, such as silicone, epoxy, and almost any type of liquid material
  • Features 700mm reach and a 6kg capacity (other specifications available)
  • Allows high working speeds up to 2 metres per second
  • Dispenses liquids with precision; repeatable to ±0.030mm
  • Permits continuous dispensing capability for increased production rate
  • Features a rotating carousel, designed to accommodate up to 8 nests - parts can be loaded and unloaded manually or automatically, while dispensing, curing, inspection and other assembly steps are being performed

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