● Why Greenlight?

Greenlight Innovation manufactures the world’s most sophisticated, reliable testing and assembly equipment for fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries.

We provide our customers the tools and equipment they need to accurately test and manufacture products for alternative energy applications. Since 1992, Greenlight has supplied battery test systems, fuel cell testing solutions and energy storage test rigs to the world's leading OEMs and research organizations. The Greenlight difference:

Data you can trust:

The product of R&D test equipment is data. If you can’t trust that data then your equipment is not doing its job. Greenlight sources only the highest quality commercially available components and if we can't find it, we design our own. Is your testing equipment providing data you can trust?

No other company can match Greenlight's experience:

We have been manufacturing fuel cell and battery testing equipment for 25 years, and we evolved in Vancouver Canada, right in the center of the fuel cell and EV industry cluster. We are able to draw on the vast local pool of talented and experienced resources. More than 75% of our staff previously worked in fuel cell and EV industries. With Greenlight, you can count on the fact that you are buying sophistication and experience.

Performance commitment: 

At Greenlight, we pride ourselves on making the world’s best electro-chemical testing and automation equipment. We are committed to your satisfaction and we will do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied. We came from the fuel cell and battery industries, and we know how frustrating it can be if you are not fully supported after you purchase a technical piece of equipment. We are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers and will not leave you without support.

Quality management:

Greenlight operates a Quality Management System, according to the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015; Certificate number CERT-0131234.

Largest install base in the industry: 

With over 900 test units and 500 automation solutions delivered to fuel cell, battery and electrolyser customers around the world, Greenlight has the greatest depth of installation and commissioning experience of any vendor.

Focus on Safety:

Safety is paramount to us and to our industry. To ensure the protection of your people and test facilities, we incorporate several layers of software-controlled and hard-wired safety protection. These include hydrogen detection, automatic nitrogen purge, emergency shutdown, over-pressure relief valves and optional fire suppression and containment enclosures.

Exceptional performance:

For 25 years Greenlight has continuously set the industry standard for system performance, including extremely high accuracy data acquisition, and dynamic response and accuracy of pressure, temperature and humidification. This is a result of our dedicated investment in R&D and product development.

Blue chip customer base:

Greenlight has successfully delivered equipment numerous automotive OEMs, large stack OEMs, multi-national energy and battery technology OEMs and global research facilities, government labs and universities. Virtually every major developer of fuel cells, electrolysers and battery packs uses Greenlight equipment.

Unparalleled software functionality: 

Emerald, our control and automation software packages set the industry standard for testing equipment control. With functional and intuitive GUIs, PID control software, load following technology and advanced automation language you are getting unparalleled functionality. Please refer to our software pages for more info.