PEM Fuel Cell Short Stack Test Station

PEM and Alkaline Electrolyser Test Stations

For R&D and Durability Testing Applications

We have been manufacturing electrolyser testing equipment since 1996, and can provide references from major companies and research institutes worldwide.

Features and Options

  • Emerald control and automation software control for electrolysis R&D
  • Anode and cathode pressure control
  • Nitrogen safety purge
  • DI water cooling and recirculation
  • Cell voltage monitoring
  • Data acquisition system (cell temperature monitoring)
  • Power supplies up to 1000A, 1000V, constant current/voltage
  • Gas leak detection
  • Applications for PEM and alkaline electrolysis technologies

Options include:

  • Exhaust gas flow measurement
  • Anode and cathode product gas analysers
  • Stack pre-pressurization
  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Cyclic and linear sweep voltammetry
  • Gas leak detection
  • Environmental chambers

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