PEM, AEM and Alkaline Electrolyser Test Stations

For R&D and Durability Testing Applications

We have been manufacturing electrolyser testing equipment since 1996, and can provide references from major companies and research institutes worldwide. Greenlight also offers serial production of electrolyser balance of plant (BOP) systems.

Features and Options

  • Emerald control and automation software control for electrolysis R&D
  • Exhaust gas flow measurement
  • Anode and cathode pressure control with stack pre-pressurization
  • Nitrogen safety purge
  • DI water cooling and recirculation
  • Cell voltage, pressure & temperature monitoring
  • Power supplies up to 5MW+, 30,000A, 1000V+, constant current/voltage
  • Applications for PEM and alkaline electrolysis technologies

Options include:

  • Anode and cathode product gas analysers
  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Cyclic and linear sweep voltammetry
  • Gas leak detection

For more information, or to request a quote for an electrolyser testing product, please contact our sales team: