Greenlight Fuel Cell Test Station in Discovery’s, 'How it’s Made'

Greenlight test stations have been deployed around the world and help developers of commercial applications test performance and safety.

On Discovery Channel’s, How it’s Made, Greenlight test stations are used in a three hour performance test. From the video we learn that Hydrogen is an abundant fuel source that can be made in any country and can power vehicles or provide back-up power to computer servers, cell phone towers and more.

Hydrogen Fuel cell stacks are made of super thin carbon sheets, where Hydrogen and Oxygen react to create electricity. After assembling stacks, they are compressed with three tons of pressure to contain the hydrogen and help current move from cell to cell. Carbon plates conduct electricity by splitting protons and electrons through membranes, which produce water, while drawing away electrons in the process.

Once assembled, fuel cell stacks are tested with cell voltage monitors to test performance and safety. 

Greenlight Innovation’s test stations play a critical role in the research and development of fuel cell energy systems for multiple commercial applications. Thanks to Greenlight’s rigorous testing and data acquisition made possible with our stations, performance and safety is ensured, while development is less challenging and more efficient.