CEA Liten France Commissions 100kW Test Bench

Fuel cell test station

CEA Liten recently added a Greenlight G700 fuel cell test bench for 10 kW to 100 kW stacks to its low-temperature fuel cell test facility.  The new addition is in response to growing demand for R&D testing capacity from industrial partners. The new equipment is the latest addition to a complete range of approximately 30 test benches dedicated to the activation and detailed characterization of fuel cells.

The test bench is equipped with an anode recycling loop that re-injects excess hydrogen into the fuel cell. It also has an electrical dissipation system that returns power to the electrical grid and a cooling loop to absorb heat produced by the fuel cells being tested.

The G700 test stand is the only equipment of its kind in France, and will be available to Liten's industrial partners for the validation of stacks up to 100 kW.