Fuel Cell Testing Software

Fuel Cell Testing Software

Emerald™ Control Software with Advanced Automation Language
Emerald™ Control and Automation Software

Emerald™ Control and Automation Software

  • Greenlight’s Emerald™ control and automation software for fuel cell testing:
  • Exceptional functionality with a user-friendly graphical interface
  • Enhanced with our proprietary automation language, Emerald™ Software 
  • Comprehensively manages the full range of FCATS™ fuel cell test system parameters
  • Simple user-friendly interface permits even novices to begin testing in minutes

Emerald control software is available with Greenlight's integrated 'Intelligent Fuel Cell Diagnostics' capabilities: FCDX™

Automated 24/7 Dynamic Operation

Forget about simple look-up tables and complex scripting through computer coding languages. Greenlight's scripting capability allows for the creation of dynamic and complex testing profiles, completely unattended. No computer programming skills are required, you can simply select from a drop down menu with an intuitive set of English language commands.

Load Cycle Importer allows users to import actual measured load vs. time data automatically into testing scripts further increasing script writing efficiency.

Capabilities include:

  • Nested loops
  • Logic controls including: do-while, case, wait till, etc.
  • Commands directly control flow, temp, pressure, etc.
  • User defined variables and math functions
  • Sub-routines
  • Delays, ramping, warning alarm recovery
  • Full networking capabilities
  • Remote login

For more information, or to request a quote please contact our sales team: sales@greenlightinnovation.com