Solid Oxide Fuel Cell SOFC Test Station

SOFC Testing Rigs

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test Stations

Features and Options

  • CE certification including optional 3rd party verification
  • Additional gases available for reformate mixing or impurity simulation
  • Options for: de-sulphurization, gas mixing, water saturation, pre-heating, furnace, heat recovery, and more
  • Plain-English, intuitive and dynamic automation capability allowing safe 24/7 operation; no knowledge of programming languages required
  • Programmable electronic load control with reactant-sensitive ramp rates
  • User-controlled alarm settings
  • Solid Oxide Electrolyser (SOE) option available
  • PLC control with user-friendly graphical PC user interface: Emerald Control Software


  • R&D testing
  • Conditioning
  • Durability testing

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