Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Button Cell Test Fixture

SOFC Button Cell Test Fixture

Solid Oxide Coin Cell Research Fixtures

Features and Options

  • Independent adjustment of seal compression force and current collector (electrode) compression force
  • 25mm ceramic cell support tube (other sizes available for various coin cells)
  • Platinum wire mesh electrodes with separate current collector and voltage sense
  • 316SS compression fitting connections for fuel and oxidant on interface panel
  • Type K thermocouples for anode and cathode, with mini-jack connections on interface panel
  • Includes clamshell furnace and benchtop frame
  • Optional cathode exhaust recovery (standard design exhausts air into the furnace)
  • Optional heat-traced supply lines
  • Must be integrated with Greenlight turnkey test station; model X20 turnkey test station recommended

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