The Latest Hardware and Software Capability

Update your existing Greenlight Innovation fuel cell and battery testing equipment with our latest software and hardware developments.

Electrical Hardware Upgrades:

  • Integration of diagnostic tools — oscilloscopes, AC impedance, current interrupt, etc.
  • Additional I/O and I/O replacement (e.g. Fieldpoint to Beckhoff)
  • Upgrade of computer & monitor (will increase processing speed and reduce memory usage)
  • Upgrade of cell voltage monitoring system

Mechanical Hardware Upgrades:

  • Upgrade of mechanical systems (e.g. flow, pressure, high temperature upgrades, end plate heaters, modifications for new test protocols, etc.)
  • Supply of laboratory tools for maintenance or stack installation (e.g. process calibrators, fuel cell stands, heated hoses, fuel cell hardware etc.)
  • DI water system or booster pump hardware

Software Upgrades:

  • Full software upgrade of HyWare II with latest version and features (for test stations running HyWare II or HyWare I software)
  • Full software upgrade to HyWare Reloaded (for older test stations running HyWare I software)
  • Full software upgrade to Emerald Control Software (for older test stations running previous generations of battery testing software)
  • Additional software features such as new GUI read-backs or set points, or updates to accommodate new test protocols
  • Integration of third party hardware
  • Full integration of existing Gamry AC Impedance unit into HyWare II (for common GUI, data logging and automation capability)
  • Development of HyAL scripts or script library
  • Remote control and/or database tools for labs with multiple test stations
  • Custom software development and consultation

For all inquiries, please contact the Greenlight Innovation customer support team: support@greenlightinnovation.com or by phone: +1-604-676-4042

For spare parts and small service related orders, Greenlight Innovation will accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.