Multi-Channel Battery Testing Environmental Chambers

● Multi-Channel Battery Testing

Battery Cells, Packs or Modules
BTS - Multi Series

The multi-channel battery testing system is expandable up to 32 independent channels, each controlled through Greenlight’s Emerald Control Software™ platform.  The Emerald software includes Greenlight’s intelligent Automation Language with Script Writer and Automated Load Cycle Importer, for automated conversion of drive cycles. Other features include remote access and email alarm notification.

Features and Options

  • Multi-channel capable
  • Independent environmental chamber integration
  • I/O available for cell voltage, temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Remote monitoring option
  • AC impedance and current interrupt diagnostic tools option
  • Liquid thermal management option
  • Optional environmental chambers
  • Greenlight also offers cell conditioning cabinets for holding batteries during testing (power electronics sold separately)

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