Fuel Cell Testing Software

Automated Test Equipment Software

Emerald Software Suite
The Emerald Software Suite allows users to control and monitor multiple test channels simultaneously.

Emerald provides an intuitive central dashboard allowing users to:

  • Run automated scripts on multiple test channels (such as drive cycles or wind / solar profiles)
  • Monitor and adjust safety features and alarms
  • Data-log and graph test results
  • Utilizes intuitive Windows-based software control
  • Improves visualization and functional control of 3rd party test equipment including graphing and data logging capability
  • Integrates multiple 3rd party test devices and centralizes control to a single user dashboard displaying all connected devices
  • Supports multiple user privilege profiles
  • Sends alarm notifications via email to operator’s mobile devices
  • Includes automation language and script writing capability
  • Remotely monitors and controls the test equipment via intranet or internet
  • Supports multiple languages (including Asian fonts)

Additional Emerald modules:

  • Data Importer software consolidates test data from multiple test devices into a centrally accessible database.
  • Data Explorer software enables post-processing of the central database information, allowing users to stitch together large fragmented files.  The user can then select data sub-sets for more managable file sizes to perform functions on and create user-defined tables and graphs for analysis and reporting purposes. Users can then export this information either as jpeg, csv or directly as Excel files.
  • Central Control Facility integrates multiple test devices and enables remote monitoring and control from a single user interface and dashboard.
  • Automation Language enables completely unattended automatic operation of the test station and the ability to run dynamic tests 24 hours per day with pre-written scripts. The software can call sub-routines without user input and import standard test cycles (e.g. drive cycles).
  • Script Writer allows script development with simple English language commands for all functions of the test stand (no programming skills required). This includes conditional statement functions and the ability to create and save scripts in a library (e.g. start-up, break-in, drive-cycle, durability, and shut-down scripts).
  • Load Cycle Importer allows users to import actual load vs. time measurement data automatically into testing scripts (such as that from vehicle testing, or wind / solar data)

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