Battery Pack Cyclers Test Stations

Complete Battery Testing Solutions

Electric and HEV Battery Pack Cyclers up to 500kW / 1000V / 1000A

Turn-key testing platforms including: regenerative battery cyclers, dynamic automation, high common mode cell voltage monitoring, and Emerald™ control software with advanced scripting language. 

Back-to-Grid Load Bank Specifications

Back to Grid Regenerative Battery Testers

Greenlight also offers automated battery assembly equipment and lithium cell conditioning cabinets.

Features and Options

  • CE certification including optional 3rd party verification
  • Emerald battery test control software
  • Air cooled or water cooled resistive load banks
  • Regenerative cyclers up to 500kW+
  • Power supplies up to 2MW, 30,000Amps
  • Data acquisition units
  • Electro Impedance Spectroscopy units
  • Air and liquid coolant modules with automated flow, pressure, and temperature control
  • 24/7 automated test capability
  • Standard drive cycle tests including FUDS, DST, etc.
  • Standard library of API's available for software customization
  • Ethernet or CANBus communication protocol
  • Optional environmental chambers
  • Optional thermal imaging cameras
  • Flow battery testing systems available (for redox flow cells)

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