End-of-Line Battery Module Test System Production

End-of-Line Battery Module Test System

EV Battery Pack and Module EOL Testers

Features and Options

End of line testing parameters include:

  • Functional operation of module or pack
  • Operation of BMS via CAN communication 
  • Confirmation of safety system operation

Greenlight's EOL battery pack and module test system features:

  • Editable test routines with pass/fail indication and datalogging
  • Configurable control panels/graphs/datalogs for all test system I/O and required BMS parameters
  • Simple test setup and operation
  • Data viewing, analysis, processing and reporting functions
  • CAN interface

Optional measurements and features:

  • Impedance, insulation resistance, hi-pot testing, and load discharge testing
  • Manual, semi-automated, or fully automated materials conveyance
  • Automated cable connections and test routines
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Database integration

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