Hitesh - Test and Service Engineer

What's your role at Greenlight Innovation, and what do you do?

I'm part of the test team in the Systems Integration and Testing (SI&T) department. I test and service Greenlight’s fuel cell stations. This role is a great opportunity to interact with other departments in Greenlight.



How long have you been at Greenlight?

Since April 2019.


What gets you excited to come in to Greenlight every day?

I find the company's value of environmental sustainability aligns with my own. Not only are we building equipment for future sustainability, but everyone's mindset here at Greenlight is to minimize waste, recycle, and make environmentally friendly choices.



How would you describe the culture at Greenlight? How are the people you work with?

My department's team leads organize monthly dinners where we hangout. We also do quarterly team-building activities like skiing, wine and beer tasting, ping pong nights, or bowling. It’s great because it allows us to build upon our workplace relationships while having fun doing the things we love.



Can you talk about your hobbies or what you like to do outside of work?

Every morning, I go rowing out on Burnaby Lake. I also like to go rock climbing at a local indoor gym and go skiing in the winter. I love cooking as well.


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