PEM Fuel Cell Short Stack Test Station

● Up to 4kW: G100/G200

PEM Fuel Cell Test Station
For testing short stacks

G100/G200 PEM Fuel Cell R&D Test Stand

Features and Options

  • Available with Greenlight's integrated 'Intelligent Fuel Cell Diagnostics' capabilities: FCDX™
  • G100 power range: 40-2000 Watts
  • G200 power range: 80-4000 Watts
  • Available with Greenlight's Rapid Response™ humidification system
  • Customizable with numerous options
  • Automated safety features
  • Emerald control and automation software
  • Minimal footprint
  • Fully automated for unattended operation
  • Optional configuration for high temperature PEM research
  • Available CE certificate of conformity

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